4G Mobile Proxy - Use Cases


Use Cases For Using 4G Mobile Proxies

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4G Proxy Web Scraping

4G Web scraping: 4G mobile proxies can be used for web scraping to collect data from websites without being blocked or detected.

Mobile Proxy Ad Verification

Ad verification: companies can use 4G mobile proxies to verify the accuracy of their ads' placement and monitor their competitors' ads.

Social Media Management

Social media management: Social media marketers use 4G mobile proxies to manage multiple accounts to avoid being flagged or banned by platforms.

Price Comparison

Price comparison: 4G mobile proxies can be used to collect pricing data from e-commerce websites for price comparison purposes.

SEO Monitoring

SEO monitoring: SEO professionals can use 4G mobile proxies to monitor the search engine rankings of websites and track their competitors' rankings.

Market Research

Market research: 4G mobile proxies can be used to collect data on consumer behavior, market trends, and other market research purposes.

Security Testing

Security testing: Security researchers can use 4G mobile proxies to test the security of websites and mobile applications from different geographic locations.


E-commerce: companies can use 4G mobile proxies to avoid IP blocking and bypass geographical restrictions to improve their online business.

Fare Aggregation

Travel fare aggregation: 4G mobile proxies can be used by travel fare aggregator companies to scrape travel websites and compare fares from different geographic locations.

Website CTR Traffic

Website CTR traffic services: Using rotating 4G mobile ip addresses when running cTR campaigns can lead to higher search engine rankings, increased visibility, and potentially more ad revenue or sales.

Account Creation

Social Media Account Creation: Our proxies for social media are IP addresses from real 4G mobile sim cards that are used to create, manage and automate a multitude of social media accounts in bulk.

Access Restricted Content

Gain Access to Restricted Content: Forget about geo-blocking and enjoy borderless internet wherever you are. Gather business intelligence and get the lowest prices while staying anonymous.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About 4g Mobile Proxies

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Mobile proxies are IP addresses allocated to mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. They serve as a bridge between the user and the internet.

With their association to actual mobile networks and devices, mobile proxies have an elevated probability of circumventing website filters and firewalls. Furthermore, their likelihood of being recognized and obstructed by websites or social media platforms is significantly less.

Indeed, mobile proxies can be employed for web scraping. However, it's crucial to have automatic rotation in place to renew your mobile proxy IP address to circumvent detection and obstruction.

Indeed, mobile proxies typically come with a higher price tag compared to other proxy types. This is mainly attributed to the significant costs associated with acquiring and sustaining mobile devices that support 4G or 5G connectivity.