4G Mobile Proxy - Refund Policy


4G Mobile Proxy Refund Policy


You have 2 days to change your mind and get a refund. But remember to request a refund from the customer service. Making chargebacks is impolite and will get your account banned.

We will refund your order if you used our product fairly and it just did not solve your problem or we couldn't make it work on your end. This satisfaction guarantee is valid during the first 2 days from the moment of the purchase.

Refunds for accounts requiring a KYC verification won't be given until the KYC verifcation process has been completed succesfully.

In the case of a refund, proxies for which the refund has been processed, will be removed from your account and you won't be able to continue using them. The invoice related to your purchase will be voided or a credit note will be generated. Your account details will be preserved.

Refunds for automatic payments will be given only if requested in 48 hours from the time you have been charged by sending an email via our online support form. Click here to find our support form.